Our people are the greatest resource we have. Just like our founder they share a common commitment to our core values and priorities. Magnum Contracting has always had the greatest respect for those individuals who poses the skills needed in this demanding line of work.

Our customers can have the confidence that their projects will be safe and productive thanks to the essential element of knowledgeable and skilled personal necessary for a successful project from start to finish.


Site contractors are typically defined by their equipment fleets. Equipment is the life blood of a company when it comes to their ability to “get the job done. We are proud of the fact that we own and operate one of the most technologically advanced fleets in the southeast. We have invested millions of dollars to be on the cutting edge of advances in equipment technology. We also enjoy an excellent relationship with many of the major equipment vendors and rental companies giving us the ability to mobilize any piece of equipment needed for a job.

Rest assured that Magnum Contracting will allocate the proper equipment needed to “get the job done.”


The equipment and tools at our disposal were only things of our wildest imaginations just a decade ago. Drones, Intelligent Machine Control, GPS grade control, 4D mapping and the ability to send files and communicate with machines directly from the office computer or a mobile device has forever changed the way we manage our projects. While most contractors are still contemplating the investment of this technology we have already implemented it into our daily management processes thus, making our company resources more productive and giving us the ability to deliver a project with greater safety, accuracy, value, and quality.

… Magnum continues to grow in the market with professionalism, loyalty, and integrity. The quality of Magnum’s associates and their dedication to the company truly separate them from their competition. We look forward to continuing a great relationship for many years to come!

Brad Harden ~ Sales Representative ~ Ferguson Waterworks