This is “where the rubber meets the road.”

Nature’s elements, clanking of undercarriages, and the smell of dirt in the air. This is what our field production crews live for and what excites our senses at Magnum Contracting. Another word’s, we love what we do and it shines brightly during the construction phase of the project. Construction is when all the planning, engineering, and scheduling goes from paper to motion.

It is at this point that our clients truly begin to appreciate what we are about. Our seamless flow from pre-construction to project management allows our field production crews to be prepared the first day on the job. Our clearing, grading, and utility crews along with subcontractor’s function as a well-oiled machine. From starting the day with safety discussions, to organized equipment and material layout, to finishing with a clean professional looking site at the end of a long workday, nothing that happens on our project’s is by accident.

Our crews are managed by knowledgeable foreman and superintendents, staffed by trained operators who are equipped with the latest technology, and provided the proper equipment for the tasks of the job-site. They implement the schedules provided by our project managers, keep the project compliant with code enforcement, insure that the specifications of the plans are meet, and finalize all testing requirements of the local governing agencies.

As the dust settles our satisfaction comes in the realization that all the months of engineering, planning, scheduling, and construction culminates in a project that will positively impact communities in which we work and live. It is for this reason that we are thankful when a client entrusts us to be a part of their vision.