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The days of grading contractors blindly pushing dirt around and using tape measures, grade rods, and string lines to check grades is over. Matter of fact, grading contractors still in this mind set are costing their customers time and money. To go even further, contractors who are just now investing into GPS grade control are behind the curve and will still be costing you. Here at Magnum we are proud of the fact that we started using GPS grade control in 2002 on a D39PX-22 dozer retrofitted with Topcon 3D grade control.

For the past 15 years we have been expanding our grade control capabilities and implementing new technologies across all aspects of our daily management processes. While competitors are playing catch-up, Magnum’s innovative spirit is creating new ways to use the technology at our disposal to be more efficient. Our experience, willingness, and ability to quickly adapt to new technology results in projects being completed with greater speed, accuracy, and quality.

Magnum’s Implementation of technology:


  • Agtek 4D software – We can receive AutoCAD files directly from an engineer. This allows for an accurate takeoff.
  • ProContractor Estimating Software – A comprehensive estimating software that breaks down all cost aspects of a project in detail insuring competitive estimates.
  • Agtek Access – hand held GPS capabilities to map out test digs for rock & unsuitable if needed. This information can be logged back into Agtek 4D to generate strata layers to allow for proper budgeting.

Project Management

  • Procontractor Projects – Creates project milestones directly from the estimate insuring that there is a seamless flow of information resulting in a timely schedule.
  • Mobile Connect – Allows for all project information to be readily available on a mobile device so that managers can be sure, to make decisions based on updated project data.
  • Plan Grid – All project plans, revisions and addendums are organized and quickly available on line.


  • Smart Construction Practices – This is a new way of thinking about the way a project is managed. It is a process that involves taking all the technology available to us and applying it collectively. This results in better management of our company resources thus delivering projects with great safety, quality, speed, and cost effectiveness.
  • Drone 3D topo Mapping – Allows us to quickly check existing topography at the start of a project, verify progress during the mass grading phase of the project, and identify any necessary grade adjustments to balance a site during the final grading.
  • Intelligent Machine Control – Uses the 4D models created by our pre-construction team to inform operators and control all aspects of a machine from mass to final grading. This technology also allows our GPS manager to load any grade adjusts into the machines from the office allowing for accurate grading at all times.
  • GPS Construction – Is implemented from day one of a Magnum project. We tie into surveyors control points, localize our own base stations, down load our 4D Agtek models into hand held rovers and IMC tractors. This technology is utilized by both our grading and utility crews to increase safety and production on our projects.
Agtek 4D software
Project Connect
Drone Mapping