Equipment-land-development-contractorsMagnum Contracting LLC is a Georgia land development contractor providing all aspects of commercial land development. The company was established in 2002 to provide developers with a choice and opportunity to hire a firm whose ultimate goal is to maximize communications while stressing safety, quality and productivity. We continue to establish a reputation built on excellence and strive on becoming the contractor of choice in the land development industry. To accomplish this, we employ a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce to provide our clients with the essential elements necessary for a successful project from start to finish.

Because of our diverse management team at Magnum Contracting, we are truly a unique contractor. Utilizing our team of qualified managers and subcontractors, we can facilitate the role of prime contractor working directly for the developer to manage all aspects of a project. We welcome the opportunity to act as the subcontractor and work alongside the General Contractor performing a variety of tasks to get the job done. Whatever your need, Magnum Contracting can provide the experience and expertise necessary to complete a wide range of services.

Our objective is to provide superior project management that will meet and exceed our Client’s expectations. At Magnum Contracting, we strive to develop professional relationships with our clients to understand their goals. We feel this relationship creates and yields positive rewards for both contractor and client. In closing, our overall mission at Magnum Contracting is to provide proper management, scheduling and coordination to complete a project on time and within budget.