Our Core Values

Faith. Safety. Quality. Communication.



Faith is the foundation that Magnum Contracting is built on. Our faith in an all mighty God is what guides our every decision. We understand that to glorify Him we must live our lives to a higher standard. It is because of our faith that we hold ourselves to a higher accountability and conduct our business activities with integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness.


Safety! Safety! Safety! Need we say more? Safety is top priority on our projects. It is always our goal to provide a safe and healthy environment for our people. We know that a safe working environment is essential to the quality and production of work that our people will perform on a customer’s project.


Our success has been the pride we take in doing the job right the first time. Our philosophy is quality never takes a back seat to the bottom line.  Our commitment is to provide the highest quality of workmanship and materials on our projects.


Many would expect to see production as a core value for a company. Production is extremely important to us.  However, we feel proper communication leads to better project management, scheduling, and coordination of resources. Thus, communication results in the desired production and scheduling needed to make a project successful.