A high powered, fast paced, rewarding, career, that’s why!

We are a company focused on our greatest resource and that’s YOU.  As your employer, our goal will be to continuously improve the environment in which you work to promote personal and professional growth.  Below are a few reasons why you’d find a career at Magnum Contracting rewarding:

Competitive Compensation

Competitive wages, health benefits, paid vacation, paid personal time off, paid holidays, 401(k) retirement savings plan with company match, annual bonuses, ministry outreach services, and much more are part of the generous employment package at Magnum Contracting.


Our careers aren’t your boring 8-5 jobs.  A position at Magnum Contracting will literally stimulate your senses.  You will come to know your surroundings in a way like never before.  You will be personally challenged promoting individual growth and unlocking hidden talents.


Our company is 15 years strong and growing.  We are fiscally responsible with the revenues generated by our operations.  By reinvesting profits annually and growing the company services and market shares our goal is for team members to be more than full-time employee’s.  Our goal is a mutually beneficial lifetime relationship.


Our vision for company growth and our commitment to promote from within creates exciting opportunities for individuals of all skill levels and positions.  For those who are seeking advancement into management positions we have a systematic approach to identify, train, and develop those candidates for long term success.

… Magnum Contracting is the type of company you hope to work for; my only wish is that I had found this company years ago!

John Downing ~ Estimator/GPS Manager ~ Magnum Contracting LLC