We don’t just preach it, we practice it!

From new hire orientation safety videos, competent person classes, assigned PPE gear, to daily implementation of OSHA standards in excavation every employee at Magnum Contracting understands that safety is our top priority. We have a TARGET ZERO philosophy. We believe that all accidents are avoidable and educate everyone in our organization that safety begins with them. We stress to employees that “SAFETY NEVER HURTS!“. Another word, safety is the first step in any task that is to be performed on a project.

We are constantly seeking out new technologies, training, and safety techniques to improve all aspects of our safety programs from new hire orientations to daily job-site safety. It is because of our TARGET ZERO attitude and the desire to constantly improve our safety programs that our policy is for all incidents no matter how small be reported and reviewed. Our experience shows that if we take an “ouch” incident serious that we can prevent the “oh no” accidents from ever occurring.

A unique approach we take to further engage employees of all levels within the company to be proactive and buy into our safety philosophy is through our Collaborative Safety Committee. The committee is made up of executives, upper management, project management, supervisors, operators and human resource staff. This approach brings together perspectives from a variety of employees and allows them to be participants in our review and implementation of safety policies and programs. This hands-on involvement to safety drives home the understanding that safety begins with each individual and gives them a sense of ownership, personal pride, and responsibility to think safety first.

We embrace safety and recognize that it will be a huge part in our continued growth and ultimately our long-term success. We take pride in the fact that our customers can have the peace of mind knowing Magnum Contracting is a company that puts safety first. We realize that when employees have a safe and healthy working environment that they will be more productive and deliver a higher quality of workmanship.

We welcome the discussion of any specific safety needs you may have on future projects we are estimating. If you need to request additional information on any of our safety policies or programs, please feel free to contact us.

Below are some key components to our safety program and its implementation to ensure your project is safe.

New Employee Induction

  • 90-day incident free program – Teaches new employees our core values and our culture of a TARGET ZERO philosophy.
  • New hire safety orientation – Starts on day one with an introduction to our company safety policies by means of an individual meeting along with safety orientation videos.
  • Continued education – During an employee’s career at Magnum Contracting we will continue to train and educate individuals to ensure they are exposed to a safety-first mentality.


  • Pre-construction safety analysis – To ensure that safety is priority one the management team develops a safety plan for a project before work starts.
  • Daily job safety analysis (JSA’s) – Are performed by superintendents to identify specific project safety needs a work progresses.
  • Weekly toolbox safety meetings – Are conducted by foremen to stress the importance of an individual’s accountability to work safely.
  • AGC safety van – We are proud to be partnered with AGC of Georgia and take advantage of their onsite safety van services once a quarter on active projects.

General Safety Policies

  • Certified drug free work place – Along with pre-employment screening, we do random drug testing and post testing after any incident.
  • OSHA standards – All employees are trained and required to implement OSHA standards and regulations at all times on our job sites.
  • Certifications – All superintendents and foremen hold competent person certificates in trench & shoring excavation, confined space entry, and level 1B erosion control regulations.