As Dawsonville’s new farmers market goes up, Magnum Contracting looks at why they’re so good for a community.

When is the last time you were at a farmers market? Well, if you’ve ever been inside your supermarket and wished the selection was fresher, cheaper, and tasted better, a farmers market is what you’re looking for. 

Many communities have already learned what Dawsonville is about to: farmers markets have a positive impact on the neighborhood. Magnum Contracting, LLC is proud to be building the new farmers market and we’ve put together this list of reasons you should be excited too…

Benefits of a farmers market:

Your Food Will Last Longer
Did you know produce at supermarkets has been sitting on trucks and in transit for several days already? With that travel time taken out of the equation, your purchased goods will last days longer and stay fresh when they come from a farmers market.

Larger organic selection
There are going to be fewer chemicals and preseratives in the food you buy from a farmers market, again, because the emphasis doesn’t have to be on shipping processes.

Eating in-season
You can see and taste the difference when you eat food that’s in-season. The farmers market will be your best chance for the freshest selection in town. 

Good for the earth
Reduce the carbon footprint of your neighborhood and community with (again) less travel and shipping. Plus, it’s important to the earth that we continue to farm. To maintain healthy top soil, growing crops is essential. 

Social aspect
There is so much socializing and networking you can do at the farmers market. Stop and chat with the farmers or gossip with your neighbor as you pick out the best cantaloupe. 

Team USA
Support farmers and the U.S. economy!

Local economy
Boost your local economy by cutting out the corporate aspect and buying straight from the community. 

It can be difficult to ship or find things that are more rare or exotic. Those special foods might be in stock at the farmers market

Flavors are the top concern, not shipping. This also leads to a healthie food that hasn’t had all its nutrients stripped away. 

Relationship with the vendor
It all comes together at the farmers market when you can chat with the farmers and find out about their foods from them. You can ask about and learn prep and storage tips for canning and/or pickling.  

Survival skills
If World War III happens and the grid is hit, an outdoor farmers market could be the key to survival. Better get used to canning those veggies now!

Okay that last one is a joke (kind of), but there are endless ways your community can benefit from a farmers market. Check out the official word at the Farmers Market Coalition. Be sure to watch the Dawsonville location continue to grow on Magnum Contracting’s Facebook page and we’ll see you at the Grand Opening!