Mulberry Rock Park Phase 2 Groundbreaking Ceremony

Magnum Contracting, LLC to complete SPLOST Project for Paulding County BOC

On Friday, August 5, 2022, Magnum Contracting, LLC was proud to attend the Groundbreaking Ceremony for Mulberry Rock Park Phase 2. Pennies are at work in Paulding County, GA! Magnum Contracting’s General Contracting Department is eager to begin the SPLOST funded project for Paulding County. The ultimate goal is to better the community park for both residents and visitors.

 In attendance of the groundbreaking ceremony were officials from the Paulding County Board of Commissioners, Parks and Recreation, Recreation Board Advisory Members, Civil Engineers, County Manager and many other Paulding County Officials. Looking forward, Magnum Contracting will work alongside Paulding Parks and Recreation & become a proven partner with Croy Engineering on yet another project!

Attending and representing Magnum Contracting, LLC: Brad Cox, Kevin J. Morton, Matthew Hemphill, Mike Moczarski, Travis White, Kevin Trammell, and Jamie Moss & Crew

Pictured below (Left to Right):

  • Cage Bullard, PCPRCA Recreation Advisory Board Member
  • Scott McNally, Croy Engineering
  • John Grant, PCPRCA Recreation Advisory Board Member
  • Ben Paris, PCPRCA Recreation Advisory Board Chair
  • Keith Dunn, Post 1 Commissioner
  • Michael Justus, PCPRCA Director
  • Sandy Kaecher, Post 2 Commissioner
  • Virginia Galloway, Post 3 Commissioner
  • Frank Baker, Paulding County Manager
  • Kevin Morton, VP General Contracting – Magnum Contracting, LLC 

Mulberry Rock Park Phase 2 by Magnum Contracting LLC in Paulding County, GA


What’s in store for Mulberry Rock Park?

Paulding County’s Mulberry Rock Park current amenities include: an Enclosed Pavilion, 2 Multi-Purpose Fields, 3 Miles of Pedestrian Trails, 4 Single Table Shelters, 5 Group Pavilions, a Community Garden, and a Playground.

Upon completion, Phase 2 at Mulberry Rock Park will consist of a completed roadway loop. Whereas, the road will be constructed to connect the entrance of the park to a return road that leads to the entrance. Magnum Contracting will be completing the roadway by installing 144-foot 8 foot x 8 foot concrete box culvert creek crossing. Additional deliverables include erosion control, mass grading, curb and gutter, asphalt paving, sidewalks, trails, fencing and fine grading for a future playground. Lastly, Magnum Contracting will be rough grading and placing creek crossing for a future Phase 3 within the park.

The SPLOST project is scheduled to be completed early Spring 2023. Ultimately, Phase 2 will be a welcome addition to completing the original intent of the park and gearing up for future projects as SPLOST funding allocates in this hidden gem of Paulding County, GA!