Everyone at Magnum Contracting plays an important part in keeping things running as smoothly as they do. Kevin Rogers, V.P. of Pre-Construction and Sr. Estimator, knows exactly where that puts him…on the front line.

All of the great things Magnum does start right here in the office. Kevin is the first person in line to take in new projects and make those daily connections with new developers and clients. Kevin explains, “An average day includes bidding site work, estimating, going through plans…pipe, storm, sewer, water…it all starts here in my office. I have to make that best first impression…we may not get a second chance.”

Kevin got his start on the path toward criminal justice, attending Kennesaw State before being bitten by the construction bug and joining Magnum in 2005. He credits CEO Brad Cox with Magnum’s success. “Brad has so much passion and heart for the people who work for him. The effort he puts in on a day to day to make this place run is unlike anything you’d see at another company.”

Kevin is excited for the next few years ahead, as Magnum steps into its new, one-stop-shop, turnkey development phase. Magnum will be one contractor a company will have to work with instead of 50 different people. “The sky’s the limit and we’re gonna take it as far as we can. I’ll be right there riding it with them.”

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