Here’s part two of a reprint of our article from the September 2018 issue of TEC Tractor Times 

Through thick and thin

When Cox founded Magnum Contracting, he turned to Tractor & Equipment Company (TEC) because the people there treated him like family. WIlling to take a chance on a young entrepreneur, TEC helped Cox acquire his first piece of equipment, a Komatsu PC138.

“At the time I didn’t have anything other than a handshake and promise that I would pay them back,” remembered Cox. “They believed in and backed me.”

When the economy took a downturn and Magnum was in a tough spot, TEC was again there for Cox. As a result, he remains loyal to the company that stuck with him through economic peaks and valleys. Today, he repeatedly turns to TEC for new Komatsu equipment. 

“TEC is fantastic,” stated Cox. “I am Komatsu because of the people who are Komatsu. It’s that simple. It’s about relationships; I consider the people at TEC to be part of our family. The combination of their sales, service, and pricing; Komatsu Financial making it work for us from a financing and cash-flow structure; and the engineering from Komatsu make a great package. I wouldn’t work with anybody else.”

Cox utilizes more than 60 Komatsu machines, including HM300-3s, HM300-5 and HM400-5 haul trucks, WA320 wheel loaders, D51PXi and D61PXi dozers as well as excavators from PC35s to the PC490. Several Hamm rollers round out the fleet.

“The D51PXi and D61PXi dozers are great for grading,” said Cox. “I appreciate their maneuverability, power, visibility and the iMC technology that sets us apart. The introduction of the PC490LCi has also been invaluable because our dozers no longer need to follow an excavator to finish grade.”

With Atlanta’s growing population and aging utility system, Cox believes Magnum COntracting is well-positioned for continued expansion in the utility sector. He envisions further growth for the company and expansion into other markets. 

“We are currently working to earn our general contractors license,” said Cox. “While we don’t plan to build structures, there are a lot of heavy civil projects that require additional DOT and general-contractor licensing. Ideally, we want to create a blend of residential, commercial, industrial, and public self-perform work.”

While Cox is happy with the evolution of the company, at the end of the day he looks back to his Midwestern roots and wants the best for his employees.

“I’ve seen this business through all the years of blood, sweat, and tears,” explained Cox. “My goal for everybody who walks through our door and signs on to be a part of the Magnum COntracting family is a lifetime partnership. It’s exciting to see how everyone here has bought into that dream and helped lead us to new heights.”