Mandy Turner, Magnum Contracting’s Senior Accountant & Office/HR Manager, has made a career in the heavy equipment industry. She began nearly 25 years ago working her way into an accounts payable manager for a highway/heavy equipment dealership. Before joining Magnum Contracting in 2003, Mandy saw the heavy equipment while it was clean and sitting pretty waiting to be purchased. She enjoyed working in the highway heavy equipment industry and was completely devastated when the dealership made the crucial decision to close its doors.

Mandy didn’t see this situation as a closed door in front of her, but rather an open door to explore a business adventure she often prayed about. She began a small organizing company that led her down various avenues.

A former colleague called Mandy one day and mentioned “this guy” was moving from his home office into an office complex in Kennesaw. Says his name is Brad Cox and he might could use a hand in getting organized” explained the former colleague. Mandy gave Mr. Cox a call, scheduled to meet him, and through God’s design, she has worked for him for nearly 15 years.

Turning Big Dreams into Achievable Goals

Mandy knew instantly that Magnum Contracting was the place she wanted to achieve her career goals. In the midst of what Mandy described as a “chaotic first day”, with the phones ringing, different folks were coming in and out of the office, Brad on his cell phone shuffling from one caller to the next, unpacked boxes scattered all over the place, she jumped right in and began doing whatever she could to assist Brad Cox! At the end of the day, Brad asked Mandy “what would it take to have you come on board full time with me? Mandy’s reply…I already am!

In just one day, Mandy saw the potential Magnum Contracting, LLC has in becoming a successful company. A company led by a man of strength, courage, integrity, honesty, and above all…a man of God!

At that time, Magnum was operating from folding tables and picnic chairs! But once Brad began assembling his team, his vision starting to become real. Mandy explains, “Brad will make achievable short-term goals that keep you inspired and motivated to keep moving forward towards the larger goal.” Today, Mandy manages the accounting, office, and HR departments for Magnum Contracting. With the help of an assistant and her passion for keeping things organized, and her compassion for the employees really shines through. As the company continually grew larger, and more employees were coming on board, it was important to both Mandy and Brad that the employees were treated with the same VIP as their customers and vendors. Looking back, Mandy remembers how excited she was for the company when it reached a major goal by offering employee benefits!

Over the course of Mandy’s career with Magnum Contracting, she has been able to celebrate many achieved goals. One of those goals includes growing the company with a diverse set of experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds which are crucial to innovation and the development of new ideas. But above all goals, her most celebrated is a long term goal that was made many years ago…”Our new facility”. A lot of blood, sweat, tears, and prayers poured out into the achievement of this goal.

There’s nothing like the support of a good team

Although most of the seasons at Magnum have been awesome, “the company has been thrown curve balls that knocked us down for a minute”, says Mandy. One of the biggest hits the company took was the 2008 recession. During that difficult period, Mandy recalls the overwhelming decisions the company was forced to make, and the impact it was having on Brad.

Rather than allowing the economy set back to defeat Magnum Contracting, Mandy says

“Brad turned the wheel of this vessel over to God and he began praying over every decision the company needed to make from that day forward.”

With a lot of heart, passion, and commitment, from loyal employees, the company regrouped, restored, and regrew from a dream…into reality!

Summing it all up, Mandy says, “Being motivated every day is easy while I am surrounded by a great team who are all working towards a shared goal. For me, Magnum Contracting is more than just a company…it is a blessing…!”

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