Magnum Contracting Celebrates the Contributions of Women in our Industry

Since it’s Women in History month, many companies are touting the milestones and contributions women have made in each industry. We thought it would be fun to add to the conversation with a look at the construction industry. Where would we be without the amazing women who make up Magnum Contracting?!

A (brief) History of Women in Construction…

1200(ish) A.D. – a team of women workers builds the Iglesia de San Pedro in Navarra Spain. 

Around 1650 – Lady Anne Clifford inherits a huge estate and sets about significantly improving and enlarging the churches and five castles contained within Yorkshire and Cumbria in England. 

Sometime around 1700 – Elizabeth Wilbraham is thought to have drawn up the architectural designs made famous by Christopher Wren since women couldn’t hold professional roles in society. 

1817 – Waterloo Bridge opens, is called “Ladies Bridge” because of the key role women had in its construction. 

1883 – Emily Roebling, whose husband was the Chief engineer but had fallen ill, is the first person to cross the Brooklyn Bridge in celebration of its completion. Her hard work and management saw the project through even after her husband’s illness. 

1898 – first woman architect, Ethel Charles, gains professional recognition and is admitted into the Royal Institute of British Architects. Also, Julia Morgan becomes the first woman admitted to the top school of architecture in Paris. 

1943 – thousands and thousands of women around the country are found working in shipyards and factories during World War 2 while the men are off to war. 

1979 – Barbara Res is put in charge of the construction of Trump Tower, making her the first hardhat-to-completion woman foreman on a major American construction project. 

2006 – Nicole Dosso is named Technical Director of the construction project for One World Trade Center. 

This is just a brief overview of the impact women have made in the construction industry. Who are some of your favorite pioneers in the industry? You can always share your favorites with us on social media.  As always, keep following Magnum Contracting for the latest in construction news and updates on our recent projects.