Building Dreams

The Story of Magnum Contracting

From Fields to Foundations

In the sweeping cornfields of Indiana in 1974, a story commenced that is told with an uplifting spirit and inspiration till this day. To understand Magnum Contracting, you need to know Brad Cox, our Founder—a man forged in the time-honored ethos of hard work, unwavering commitment, and candid transactions. Today, Magnum Contracting is a testament to these values, encapsulating Brad’s lifelong learnings and experiences.

Brad’s humble beginnings are reminiscent of any heartland story. Hours spent on the fields tilling under the sun, unbending labor spent in cattle barns. These days taught Brad one invaluable lesson: true value lies in relentless work and devotion.

Over time, this teenage farm boy continued to gain a deeper understanding of his grandfather’s words of wisdom: “Always give thanks to the Lord, love your family, serve your community, appreciate friends, and respect the land.” The teenage farm boy bottled his grandfather’s wisdom and carried it into the world. Combined with an entrepreneurial spirit, these words steered Brad towards Purdue University, earning him a Farm Management & Economics degree in 1996.

A New Venture

Then, in a twist of fate, the winds changed course, and Brad found himself in Georgia. Stepping into the exhilarating world of construction, this brave new frontier marked the formation of Magnum Contracting in 2002.

And so, the stage was set. Brad, an Indiana farm boy, met a Georgia peach. As his family grew, so did his business. Each milestone and challenge reflected on the wisdom he gathered from his elders’ teachings.


Resilience and Growth

Despite achievements, life presents roadblocks, and the 2008-2012 economic downturn was one such hurdle for Magnum Contracting. Yet, adversity often opens avenues for reflection. Brad leaned into his unyielding faith and illustrated true love towards his family. Those time-tested values ensured that the company survived and continued to garner respect in the construction market.

So, what does the future look like for Magnum Contracting? It shines bright with the light of resilience and determination. Trials have only fortified the heart, passion, and commitment towards customers, vendors, employees, families, and most importantly, the Lord above.

The story of Magnum Contracting is still being written. Perhaps you will be part of it as a happy customer or team member.

God Bless!