Our Driving Forces

Heart. Passion. Commitment.

Welcome to our front porch!

Pull up a rocking chair, grab a glass of sweet tea, and enjoy the history and life of Magnum Contracting!

This story begins in 1974 in the corn fields of Indiana where Brad Cox, Founder, was taught these old-fashioned values: that hard work never hurt anyone, always give an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay, that a man’s handshake meant something, and his word is his bond. As we know it’s one thing to be taught, it’s another to get your hands dirty…and that’s just what happened! With thousands of hours spent on International tractors in the fields, and back breaking work in the cattle barns, these values became instilled in his every fiber.

Now go ahead and get a sip of that sweet tea, like mamma says, “there’s more where that came from!”

As time moved on this teenage farm boy continued to gain a deeper understanding of his grandfather’s word: “always give thanks to the Lord, love your family, serve your community, appreciate friends, and respect the land.” These words of wisdom, and the instilled values from his childhood, lead him to become a young farming entrepreneur while in high school. Upon finishing high school, Brad enrolled at Purdue University where he earned a Farm Management & Economics degree in 1996. His plan was to return to his hometown and settle into a life of farming.

But God had a different plan…

Off to Georgia

It was off to Georgia to start an unbelievable adventure in the world of construction. This adventure lead him to the formation of Magnum Contracting in 2002. In this story, an Indiana farm boy collides with a north Georgia peach and his world would never be the same again. As a family grew, so did a business. Brad found himself finding a greater appreciation for the core values and words of wisdom that his parents and grandparents taught him earlier in life.

Things were cruising along, and as we know life tends to throw us curve balls. In 2008-2012 major havoc hit our countries economy. As a result, major havoc ensued for Magnum Contracting. It was during this period that those old-fashioned values would be tested more than ever. Brad found a renewed faith in the Lord, realized the true love of family, and leaned on those old fashioned values to ensure Magnum Contracting would prevail and be respected in the construction market for years to come.

As you gulp down the rest of that sweet tea we’ll wrap up this story.

Future of Magnum contracting

The future of Magnum Contracting is bright. We recognize the old fashioned values the founder learned from days in the Indiana corn fields will never be out dated. It has been the trials and stormy times of the life of Magnum Contracting that has brought to light the heart, passion, and commitment to our customers, vendors, employees, families, and most importantly our Lord, that will be our driving forces for success.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this story along with that glass of mamma’s sweet tea.

Feel free to return at any time as we don’t see this story wrapping up anytime soon.

God Bless!