Maybe you have buyers’ remorse from the last time you worked with a contracting company. We’ve heard some of the horror stories out there. When you’re ready to give large-scale construction another chance and want to make sure your business is in the best hands, Magnum Contracting LLC is your new best friend.

Magnum Contracting is a family-owned company guided by principles of taking care of its community and employees. Magnum Contracting provides the best full-service contracting in north Georgia.

If you’ve got complaints about your current or past construction experience, we’ve got the antidote at Magnum Contracting. 

7 things that are done better with Magnum Contracting

  1. Reputation – Magnum Contracting has cultivated an exceptional reputation in the industry over the past 20 years. The relationships we’ve established within our community and the jobs we’ve done speak for themselves. One look at our reviews or social media reveals that people like working with us!
  2. History/Experience – Again, it takes a lot of time to become the best in the business. We’re so proud of our story (which you can read more about here) as a family business that has survived and succeeded thanks to our strong work ethic and values. 
  3. Credentials – Magnum Contracting is licensed for full-service contracting and can handle your entire project from bottom to top. We’re staffed with professionals who know the ground as well as the hard work behind the scenes.
  4. Employees – Our employees are truly the best in the industry. We value them, support them, and reward them with programs such as our Caution for Costas campaign. We’re proud of the job we do, safely and proficiently. 
  5. Budget – We will communicate everything clearly so you’re never surprised or feel “taken” by budget concerns. We’re not going to lowball you on a bid and we’re not going to inflate the budget. Again, we have a great reputation for a reason.
  6. Knowledge of area – We know Jasper, Kennesaw, and the north Georgia area. We are from there and Magnum has spent its entire life as a company being part of our community. 
  7. Turnaround time – from breaking ground to the last touches, your project is going to come in on time with Magnum Contracting.

When you’re ready to see what a great experience with a full-service contracting company is really like, get in touch with us at Magnum Contracing LLC and we’ll get to work on your next project.